Our Team

John Twichell, Ph.D.

Lecturer, University of Miami

John Twichell, Ph.D. (University of Miami, 2015) is a Lecturer in the Department of International Studies. Dr. Twichell instructs undergraduate courses in IR and IPE theory (INS 101), in research methodology (INS 202), and in civic engagement and internships (INS 519). A scholar of comparative political economy, Dr. Twichell's research interests are focused on the nations of Africa, Latin America, and the Middle East. He has conducted extensive fieldwork in Latin America through research grants awarded to him by the Center for Latin American Studies and by Fulbright. His dissertation explores the institutional and political-economic dimensions of hydrocarbon sector development policy in Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico since the 1990s. Dr. Twichell has also served as a writer and editor for the Center for Hemispheric Policy at UM, where he contributed to numerous publications on issues of domestic and foreign policy that confront countries in the Western hemisphere. Currently, Dr. Twichell further serves the University and the College as Coordinator of the Arts & Sciences Program for Internship-Related Experiences (ASPIRE), and he is also Coordinator of the College's Fulbright Committee.

Courses Taught:

INS 101 Global Perspectives: Introduction to International Studies

INS 202 Research Methodology

INS 519 Civic Engagement and Internships



Monica Faust Figueroa, Ph.D. Student in Literary, Cultural & Linguistic Studies

UGrow Fellow in the Arts & Sciences Program for Internship-Related Experiences (ASPIRE)